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Rust Removal Solutions - White Brite
  • Laundry Additive and Booster (Formerly Known as Yellow Out)

  • Makes Your Dingy Whites Bright

  • Removes Yellowing and Dinginess Due to Rust Stains and Water Impurities in the Laundry

  • Unlike Bleach, It Will Not Harm Fabrics

Product Information

WHITE BRITE is a unique laundry additive and booster designed to remove yellowing and dinginess caused by the rust, iron and impurities in the water supply. WHITE BRITE is safe and can be used on all washable white and colorfast fabrics along with your regular detergent. WHITE BRITE will also remove or lighten tough stains such as transferred dye and color runs caused when white fabrics are mistakenly washed with colored items. WHITE BRITE is tough on stains but will not harm fabric like chlorine bleach. Used regularly, WHITE BRITE will prevent rust build-up and discoloring keeping fabrics their whitest. WHITE BRITE does not contain dangerous acids or abrasives. Do not use with bleach or peroxide.

AVAILABLE SIZES: 22 oz., 30 oz. & 5 lb

White Brite - Before And After

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use White Brite on colored clothing? White Brite can be used on colored clothing only if:

  1. All clothing is to be tested first to avoid bleeding or discoloring.
  2. If acceptable after testing, wash each item separately using the instructions for white clothes. Note: Product may permanently damage colors and embroidered logos.

Is White Brite safe for my washing machine? Yes, White Brite will not harm washing machines and should remove any mineral stains in the wash tub.

Can I mix White Brite with my detergent? Yes, White Brite can be mixed with a regular detergent, DO NOT MIX WITH BLEACH OR PEROXIDE.

What will happen if I accidentally mix bleach with White Brite? If White Brite is mixed with bleach or peroxide a chemical reaction resulting in fumes may occur and White Brite will be ineffective. Open the nearest window and ventilate if fumes are formed as a result of mixing.

Will White Brite put holes in my clothing if used often? No, White Brite is safe for all washable fabric and does not attack the clothing fibers like a bleach or peroxide.

How long can I let my white clothing soak in White Brite? White clothing can soak in White Brite until yellowing is gone. (Approx 2–3 hrs, never longer than necessary)

Is White Brite safe for my septic system? Yes, White Brite is safe for all plumbing and septic systems.

Can I use White Brite on something besides clothing? White Brite has only been tested as a laundry & fabric cleaner.



Dear White Brite

"I absolutely love your product "White Brite". I have well water and as you know sometimes the rust just clings to my whites. White Brite is the only item that works. My neighbor and I are interested in buying 12 or so at a time. How can you help? We usually purchase at Kroger. Please notify me so I can purchase through you direct."

Thanks, Debra, Saulsbury, TN

Dear Yellow Out

"I recently purchased Yellow Out and tried it on some of my "orange" clothes. I could not believe the difference. I have been searching for a product that would remove the rust from clothing and this product certainly has proved successful. Again, I am more than satisfied with this fantastic product. I plan to tell as many of my friends as I can about this wonderful Yellow Out. Please don't stop making it!!!"

Very truly yours, Betty, Hannacroix, NY

Dear Yellow Out

"Your product should be in every home in the world. Yellow Out is the best product I have found to remove spots or stains in clothes."

Thank you, Dorothy

Dear Yellow Out

"I am writing to you because I was using a product called Yellow Out that I found out that your company had been producing. I will tell you it was one of the best products I have ever used. I use well water and unfortunately if I wash anything white it turns yellow. With your Yellow Out my yellow whites turned white again and my whites stayed white."

Thank you, Janice, Hanover, PA


Cleaning Tips

(Please follow cautions and instructions on the label carefully.)

WHITE BRITE is safe on all washable white & colorfast fabrics including delicates, cotton, silk, wool and synthetics.

WHITE BRITE can be used along with your regular detergent.

WHITE BRITE can work wonders in white clothing, first, be sure to separate any clothing with a dye or color in the washer from strictly white clothing.


Add ½ cup of WHITE BRITE to washer as it is filling with warm water. Add clothes and let soak for 5 minutes, if possible, by stopping the machine. Add detergent and resume washing cycle. Dry as usual.


Use a plastic container mixing ½ cup of WHITE BRITE into 1 gallon of warm water. Soak stained white clothing in solution for 20 minutes then wash as usual. WHITE BRITE may permanently damage colors and embroidered logos that cannot be corrected so it is advised to test all fabrics for colorfastness in an inconspicuous area.