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The CLEANING WIZARD Find the solution to all of your household cleaning needs in 2 easy steps.


  • Spray away rust.

  • Instant Rust Out - For rust stains in hard to reach places.

  • Quickly removes the toughest rust stains

  • Safe to use on most interior/exterior surfaces and
    colorfast fabrics

  • Safer than other liquid rust removers.

Rust Removal - Instant Rust Out

Product Information

Instant Rust Out is a specially formulated mild, non-abrasive rust stain remover that cleans toilets, sinks, tubs, tile, clothes and exterior surfaces. The convenient trigger sprayer makes it easy to use on vertical surfaces and in hard to reach places. Advanced formula Instant Rust Out is effective, yet much safer than traditional liquid rust removers


Instant Rust Out - Before And After

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Instant Rust Out on clothing? Instant Rust Out can be used on white clothing by wetting the stained area with water and then spraying Rust Out directly on the fabric where the stain is present. Allow Rust Out to saturate until the stain is gone, rinse with cold water and wash as usual.

Is Instant Rust Out safe for my septic system? Yes, Instant Rust Out is safe for all plumbing and septic systems.

How long can I allow Instant Rust Out to set on a surface? Instant Rust Out should be left on a surface for preferably, about 30 seconds. If the stain is not removed in this timeframe, Instant Rust Out can be rinsed and reapplied for stubborn stains. As with all cleaners, never leave on any surface longer than necessary to do the job.

Can I use Instant Rust Out to remove more than just Rust and Iron? Instant Rust Out is formulated to primarily remove just rust and iron but is effective against lime and calcium build–up as well.



Dear Instant Rust Out

"I am writing to you to let you know that your product "Instant Rust Out" did just that. I own an eighty year old house in the city of Toronto. As you know most cities up here have very hard water due to the limestone underneath. I have had a constant problem with rust and lime stains in my toilets and shower head etc. Recently I tried using "C.L.R." and "LimeAway" with poor results despite following the directions exactly. I was in one of your distributors, "Canadian Tire" last week and saw the product on display. Although I was skeptical, it was my last resort, so I purchased the bottle. I sprayed it in the toilet and on the shower head and it really dissolved the stains within about one minute. Unlike the other two products mentioned above, the "Rust Out" had no strong odor either." In summary, I just wanted to say that you make an excellent product at a reasonable price and distribute it well."

Regards, Sonjoy, Toronto, Ca


Cleaning Tips

(Please follow cautions and instructions on the label carefully.)


(tub, sink, tile, toilet, brick, stone, concrete, siding, etc.) Spray surface. Let set for approx. 30 seconds. Rinse promptly and thoroughly with water. Repeat for heavy deposits. Work in small areas. Vertical Surfaces: Begin at bottom and work up.


(clothing, carpet, etc.) Before using, test inconspicuous area for suitability and colorfastness. Dampen stain with water. Spray stain directly. Allow to penetrate. Rinse with cool water. Launder as usual.


Wear gloves when using this product. Not for use in water treatment equipment. Safe for white/colored toilet bowls and plumbing. Do not use on natural marble, terrazzo, or brick with iron oxide pigments. Avoid contact with wood, painted surfaces and wallpaper.

NOTE: To avoid surface damage, leave cleaner on only as long as necessary. Test inconspicuous area before using.