Summit BrandsSustainability

Our Mission

Summit Brands believes in conducting business sustainably, which ensures a better quality of life for everyone now, without compromising the ability to meet the needs of future generations.


Our Business Practices and Community Involvement.

We take sustainability, and our commitment to the community and the environment very seriously. We began our initiative by implementing recycling programs at our facilities, incentivizing employees to submit and implement sustainable and cost effective ideas, and establishing goals for reducing our corporate greenhouse gases, solid waste generation and water usage. We are also encouraging our suppliers to do the same.

Summit Brands continues to support and contribute to the local community through programs such as United Way, The Community Harvest Food Bank, The Salvation Army, the Fort Wayne Trails Towpath project, and tree planting at Eagle Marsh, a local wetland, to celebrate Arbor Day.

We encourage our consumers to be sustainable whenever possible, such as recycling appropriate materials and working to reduce individual energy and water consumption. Examples of reducing consumption can include laundering in ambient water temperatures, using high efficiency washing machines, and using proper load sizes according to detergent specifications. Summit encourages our customers to explore two campaigns referenced by The Sustainability Consortium to learn more:

AISE Low Temperature Washing Initiative: This initiative headed by AISE focuses on communicating the environmental benefits of low washing temperatures to European consumers.

American Cleaning Institute - Cold Water Saves Campaign: Launched in 2016 by The Sustainability Consortium and The American Cleaning Institute, this initiative educates students on the environmental benefits of washing clothes at ambient temperatures.



When developing our products, we focus on integrating safety and sustainability by evaluating the entire product lifecycle and optimizing the amount of packaging used, ensuring that our bottles are recyclable and contain post-consumer recycled content wherever possible and implementing greener chemistry into our products, while improving performance for our consumers.