November 23, 2014

Summit Brands Introduces A New Concept To Clean™ In Drain Cleaners With Innovative Formulas And Bright Package Design

Summit Brands Introduces A New Concept To Clean™ In Drain Cleaners With Innovative Formulas And Bright Package Design
DrainOut ® Combines High-Performance & Environmentally Safe Solutions

FORT WAYNE, INDIANA – Summit Brands has introduced DrainOut ®, a new line of drain cleaners that are powerful and safer to use delivering remarkable consumer friendly results. The color coded packaging features a full shrink-wrapped proprietary bottle which stands-out graphically in a category typified by power images and masculine color schemes. The three liquids are each designed for specific drain issues; DrainOut ® Bathroom Drain Opener clears tough hair and soap clogs, DrainOut ® Kitchen Drain Opener blasts through tough grease and food debris and Drain Freshener/Clog Preventer removes build-up while leaving a fresh citrus scent. DrainOut ® is truly a new concept to clean in the drain category.

"When we looked at the drain cleaning category we saw effective yet highly caustic products and ineffective environmentally safe products while consumers wanted a solution that would deliver both. With DrainOut's unique formulas we have wedded effectiveness to environmentally safe. We're excited to bring all the qualities that consumers want and need with our new drain line," said Tony Cronk, Sr. Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Summit Brands.

DrainOut ® Bathroom Drain Opener, Kitchen Drain Opener and Drain Freshener & Clog Preventer will carry a suggested retail price of $4.39.

About Summit Brands

Based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Summit Brands has been family owned and privately held since 1958. We offer highly effective, sustainable and innovative household cleaning products. Summit Brands began with the distribution our multi-purpose rust stain remover, Super Iron Out ® and has since branched out to national and global distribution with such brands as Glisten ®, Plink ®, White Brite ® and Drain Out ®. We are category leaders in many consumer segments from appliance cleaners to water treatment products.

It is the goal of Summit Brands to provide high-quality cleaning products that fit the needs of the consumer with guaranteed results. Our Mission is to be an innovative global organization of integrity with an unwavering commitment to our customers, employees, and the environment, based upon financial strength that comes from embracing operational excellence.

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