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Brand Name
Plink goes to work right away breaking up smelly fats and food particles that have built up inside your garbage disposer leaving your whole kitchen smelling fresh.
  • Quick and Easy to Use
  • Washes Away Foul Odors
  • Freshens Your Whole Kitchen
  • Breaks Up Fat, Grease & Food Particles
  • "Plink Your Sink" with Fresh Lemon, Citrus Orange, Lavender Mist and Simply Fresh Fragrances

Plink is an effective, economical way to freshen your disposer and keep it odor free. Plink was created by plumbers and is safe for all disposers, drainage pipes and septic systems. It goes to work right away breaking up smelly fats, grease and food particles that have built up inside your garbage disposal leaving your whole kitchen smelling fresh.

Available Sizes:

0.81 oz./10 Treatments, 1.62 oz./20 Treatments
Fresh Lemon, Citrus Orange, Lavender Mist and Simply Fresh Fragrances

Cleaning Tips:

(Please follow cautions and instructions on the label carefully.)

Directions for Use:

Plink Your Sink at least twice a week. Run disposer with a full stream of water for one minute to clear it of any scraps. Turn off disposer and reduce water to a slow pencil-width stream. Drop in a Plink capsule and turn on the disposer for 15 seconds. Turn off disposer and water. You just Plinked Your Sink!
Revive Scent by running disposer with burst of hot water.
Plink contains Bitrex - a branded ingestion deterrent.

Brand Name
Lime Out Extra is a heavy duty liquid that is specially formulated to quickly dissolve the toughest lime, rust and calcium deposits.
  • Quickly Dissolves the Toughest Lime, Rust, Calcium & Mineral Deposits
  • Ready to Use Liquid Works Great on Vertical Surfaces
  • Heavy Duty Formula Clings Longer for Maximum Cleaning Power
  • For Use on Bath, Showers, Sinks, Cookware, Boats, Cars, Exterior Surfaces & Appliances

Use Lime Out in the bath, kitchen or laundry area.
It leaves toilets, sinks, tubs, tile, showers, chrome, fiberglass, stainless steel, pots, pans and tea kettles fresh and clean without scrubbing.
A special thickener helps Lime Out cling to vertical surfaces.

Available Sizes:

24 fl. oz.

Cleaning Tips:

(Please follow cautions and instructions on the label carefully.)


Squirt Lime Out generously on stains and let soak. Brush and flush clean. Rinse brush. Repeat if needed.


Mix Lime Out with an equal amount of water. Use full strength on tough stains. Apply with damp sponge or cloth. Rinse promptly and thoroughly. Foaming may occur as lime scale is dissolving.


Apply Lime Out to interior of machine with sponge or cloth. Run empty machine through a rinse cycle. Repeat for heavily stained machines.


Cookware, Tea Kettles, Humidifiers, Fiberglass Boats. Follow same directions as Tub, Sink, Tile, etc.

NOTE: Depending on the quality of material, this product may etch or discolor some stainless steel, chrome, brass, or aluminum fixtures. Do not use on natural marble, stone, terrazzo, plastic laminates or colored grout. This product is not recommended for older, worn or chipped porcelain fixtures, glass or ceramic tile. Test a hidden area before using and/or use half strength to avoid potential damage. As with most cleaners, allow only enough contact time as necessary to do the job. Rinse promptly and thoroughly when done.

Brand Name
WhirlOut's fast & easy self-cleaning action safely removes soap scum & build-up, odors, bath & body oils, dirt and other system residue from inside of all pipes, pumps, fittings and the circulation system.
  • Cleans Hot Tubs, Spas, Whirlpools & Jetted Bathtubs
  • Removes Body Oils, Soap Scum and Dirt from Pumps, Pipes and Surfaces
  • Fast & Easy Self Cleaning Action

Leaves acrylic, fiberglass, and enamel and chrome surfaces fresh and clean without scrubbing. Regular use helps prevent buildup.

Available Sizes:

1.5 lb.

Cleaning Tips:

Follow the directions below after each use or after a period of inactivity. DO NOT USE WHILE BATHING. If unit has adjustable air/volume control, adjust to medium. Water level should be at least 2 inches above suction intake and highest jet. Note: WhirlOut is most effective when used with warm water.


After using tub and prior to draining, activate circulation pump. Add 1/2 the container of WhirlOut near the suction intake. Allow WhirlOut to circulate for 3-4 minutes. Drain tub and refill, and then circulate for 1 minute to rinse. Drain tub. Repeat as needed.


Use prior to draining unit only. Follow JETTED BATHTUB instructions, however, use the entire container of WhirlOut and increase circulation time to 10 minutes.

Brand Name
The Filter-Mate line of products offers a variety of filter treatment and water conditioning solutions.

Filter-Mate™ Potassium Permanganate

  • Strong Oxidizing Agent
  • Regenerates Greensand Iron Filter
  • Converts Dissolved Iron & Manganese to Insoluble Oxide
  • Free Flowing Technical Grade

Filter-Mate Potassium Permanganate is a blend of greensand filter regenerates designed to rid the filter of iron and other minerals, restoring the exchange capacity of the unit. Filter-Mate Potassium Permanganate blend is a powerful oxidant that is also effective for use when filtering manganese or hydrogen sulfide. Filter-Mate Potassium Permanganate converts dissolved iron and manganese to insoluble oxide which are removed through filtration.

Available Sizes:

5 lbs.

Cleaning Tips:

Please follow cautions and instructions on the label carefully.


Normal procedure for regenerating an iron filter is usually specified by the filter manufacturer or supplier and depends on water quality. There are many types, designs and methods of introducing Filter-Mate Potassium Permanganate to the filter. A normal method is to make a solution and apply automatically or manually to the filter at regular intervals. If unsure consult owner's manual.


For each cubic foot of filter media, 2-4 oz. of dry Filter-Mate Potassium Permanganate is required. It may be added directly to the filter or mixed with water and added as a solution. 8 oz. of Filter-Mate Potassium Permanganate will dissolve in 1 gallon of water at room temperature (68 °).

General Information

Stains can be removed from the skin with a diluted solution of sodium bisulfate or lemon juice. Using a cloth or sponge, rub gently until stains are gone. Rinse thoroughly. For stubborn stains, increase strength and/or contact time.


Tubs, sinks, showers, faucets, ceramic tile, dishes, glassware, plasticware, ice machines, ultra violet filters, humidifiers and distillers.



Filter-Mate™ Liquid Softener Cleaner

  • Liquid Resin Bed Cleaning Solution
  • Maintains Performance of Softener Resin
  • Prevents fouling in softener and improves softener performance.

Filter-Mate Liquid Softener Cleaner is a specially formulated liquid cleaner designed to clean resin pores of iron, manganese, silt, metal particles and organic compounds that cause softener inefficiencies. Regular use Of Filter-Mate Liquid Softener Cleaner will restore the softener beads and control valve parts back to peak efficiency and maintain the life of the unit. For best results, use an automatic feeder or manually add during regeneration to prevent mineral build up.

Filter-Mate Liquid Softener Cleaner will chemically clean the fouled resin bed of a water softener and restore the exchange capacity of the resin. Over time, most types of water softener resins can become fouled with iron and other contaminants that decrease the performance and efficiency of the ion exchange system. This fouling can also cause channeling, pressure drop, loss of capacity, water hardness, and iron leakage. Don't let this happen to your softener! Regular use of Filter-Mate Liquid Softener Cleaner will minimize fouling, prevent mineral buildup on parts, and extend the life of your softener's resin.

Available Size(s):

32 fl. oz.

Cleaning Tips:

Please follow cautions and instructions on the label carefully.


Use 4 oz. (1/2 cup) of Filter-Mate ® Liquid Softener Cleaner per cubic foot of softener resin. (Most residential softeners contain approximately 1 cubic foot of resin. If unsure, check your owner's manual). Pour Filter-Mate ® Liquid Softener Cleaner directly into brine well. If your softener has no brine well, pour Filter-Mate ® Liquid Softener Cleaner directly into salt tank when salt is low. Manually regenerate the softener. Repeat regeneration if taste, odor, or discoloration is detected in discharge, then run cold soft water tap nearest the softener until water tastes, smells, and appears normal.


Add 1-2 oz. of Filter-Mate ® Liquid Softener Cleaner per cubic foot of resin at each regeneration.


For best results, use with an automatic resin-cleaning feeder system. Fill the feeder with Filter-Mate ® Liquid Softener Cleaner to the FILL mark indicated on the feeder but do not overfill. Add more Filter-Mate ® Liquid Softener Cleaner when the solution level drops to or below the REFILL line on the label.



Filter-Mate™ Home Water Quality Test

  • Home water quality test
  • Quick & Accurate Results
  • Test your home water quality quickly & accurately!
  • Eight simple home water tests to detect the presence of: Hardness, Chlorine, Alkalinity, pH, Nitrates, Nitrites, Iron, Copper

Available Size(s):

1.8 oz.

Cleaning Tips:

Please follow cautions and instructions on the label carefully.


Dip Filter-Mate Home Water Test Kit strip in water and remove immediately. Hold level for 10 seconds. NOTE: DO NOT SHAKE WATER OFF STRIP. Compare pads on strip to color charts starting with Chlorine.


Take a Filter-Mate Home Water Test Kit strip from the packet; dip in water for 2 seconds. Hold level, wait for 60 seconds, then compare to chart.


Rinse out Filter-Mate Home Water Test Kit vial and fill to ¼ from top of test vial. Remove one Filter-Mate Home Water Test Kit iron tablet from the foil and place in test vial. Place cap on test vial and shake until tablet completely dissolves. Remove cap from test vial. Take one Filter-Mate Home Water Test Kit iron strip from the packet and dip into test vial for one second and then remove. Hold level and wait 15 seconds. Compare to chart. NOTE: IRON TABLET CONTAINS SULFITE. DO NOT CONSUME.


Take a Filter-Mate Home Water Test Kit copper strip from the foil packet, dip and swirl it around in 4 oz. or more of water 10 times, then remove. Compare to chart to determine results.

Brand Name
ProWash ®
ProWash is a residue-free detergent designed to safely remove embedded sweat, odors and soap residue.  
  • Thoroughly cleans without sacrificing the performance of the garment.
  • Independent laboratory tests show that ProWash eliminates odors better than your ordinary detergent on your clothing, particularly activewear fabrics.
  • Can be used as a complete substitute or as a booster to ordinary detergents.
  • Designed to target perspiration and odor molecules in the wicking of the garment which ordinary detergents cover with perfume. This innovation actually removes odor molecules and detergent residues left by ordinary detergents.

Most detergents mask odors by leaving a layer of soap residue on your clothes. This soap residue is only a temporary mask which is why odors later return. ProWash cleans and rinses thoroughly and in the process, restores the fabric wicking. Your clothing is fresh, clean and looks like new!

ProWash Detergent is safe for all the most common fabrics (cotton, polyester, wool, etc.) and widely-used activewear fabrics, including:

CoolMax ® Kuhl-Dry Paclite ® Tencel ®
CoolTech ® Lycra ® Pilayo™ Under Armour ®
Dry-Fit ® Lyocell Polartec ® UpCycle ®
Dryflex ® Meryl ® Polyamide Velucitek™
Dryline ® Microfiber Spandex Viscose
Elastane Micropoly Supplex ® w/AMY ®
Gore-Tex ® MYNX ® Switchback ® Wick-Dry ®
Herringbone Nylon Tactel ®

Available Size(s): 24 fl. oz.

Cleaning Tips:

ProWash Activewear Detergent is safe for use on all fabrics and in all temperatures. When pre-treating, always check for colorfastness. ProWash works in both regular and high efficiency washers and can also be used for hand washing. One unit of ProWash detergent is conveniently measured by using the dispensing window located on the right hand side of this energy efficient package. Each line represents one Unit (equivalent to 1 fl. oz.) of all temperature ProWash. (Measuring Alternative: REUSE the cap of your ordinary detergent--just fill to the first line or 2 tbsp. = 1 fl. oz.).

Pre-Treating your specialty fabrics

To pre-treat on stains rub a small amount directly into the stain before washing. Always check an inside seam for colorfastness prior to treating stains. Works great on grass and blood stains!

Top Load Washers - Medium Loads:
2 Units

High Efficiency Washers - Medium Loads:   

1 Unit

Front Load Washers - Medium Loads:

1.5 Units

Hand Washing:

1.5 Units Per 5 Gallons of Water